COVID-19 The Deadly Disease

Well, if we ask the public about how this deadly disease started to spread. They're clear that this virus was formed in a sea food market at Wuhan, and what we have here is a Code Red situation. Chinese citizens believe that Paneling, a variant of ant-eaters and Bats are the main reason behind this heinous dilemma.But there are several theories behind the disease's beginnings. One dominant theory suggests that the spread might have been caused due to the interaction between the virus and the suspected mammal. Since then, it has become a severe pandemic.

How many have been killed so far?

Reports have claimed a staggering 22,106 deaths in the USA alone, and things have gone to a critical level. Italy is second in line with nearly 19,899. Since the advent of this virus, almost every single entity has gone into isolation and lockdown. The surprise entry is Spain, with 17, 489 deaths. More than 100,000 people have lost their lives due to this disease, and the outcome is fatal. Compared to the swine flu pandemic, this is getting even bigger. Many never expected the UK to fall prey to this infection, but tides have turned up, and even Prime Minister Boris Johnson is struggling to recover from the COVID-19

Looming theories

The Virus may have originated from China but the nation has took severe measures to control the disease. In a turn of events, rumors have began to surface around the internet that the Chinese government have carried out a conspiracy to destroy the economic background of Elite countries. Europe is now the epicenter of the disease and according to an analysis, the Virus could become the demon for Asian countries such as India. The Lock-down still continues and it would go till this September.